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Liz Wynn

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Director of Sky Mobile
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Sky Mobile aims to offer something entirely different for the UK mobile market. It has been designed to reflect the way consumers use their phones today, offering flexibility, great value and ensuring that customers don’t waste paying for data they don’t use or need. We launched SIM only plans in January 2017, which included our Mix, Roll and Sync propositions. With Sky Mobile’s Roll, customers can roll over any unused data for up to three years. There’s no limit to the amount customers can store and if they run out of data they can simply dip into their online Sky Piggybank whenever they like. Customers also have the freedom to mix up their data, calls and texts every month so they can create a plan that’s just right for them. They can change their plan whenever they like so they only pay for what they need. In addition, Sky TV customers, can enjoy free unlimited UK calls and texts. UK consumers are often left locked into long-term contracts without the option to upgrade to a new phone before the end of their contract. With Swap, Sky Mobile gives customers the opportunity to get the latest phone every year with Swap12 or to get our lowest monthly price on bestselling phones with Swap24.

What was the in-market status quo before the proposition was created?

UK consumers found they were often left locked into long-term contracts without the option to upgrade to a new phone before the end of their contract. In addition, consumers were often overbuying mobile data they didn’t use and therefore were losing out every month, at an estimated cost of £2 billion a year. They were also locked into plans and a set data allowance over the length of the contract with no option to change when their circumstance did.

What challenges were you facing as a business?

Sky Mobile was a brand new network entering a highly competitive UK mobile market made up of a number of established networks. Sky Mobile entered the market with an innovative proposition that reflected how customers use their phones today as well as its competitive pricing – in many cases offering the UK’s lowest monthly price with no upfront costs on the most popular phones with the entry level 500MB per month plan.

What impact has the proposition had?

Within 9 months of the launch of the proposition, Sky Mobile was voted best mobile network for Value at the Mobile Consumer Choice Awards.

Because of this network flexibility, Sky Mobile has managed to establish a strong position in the highly competitive UK mobile network market in a few short months making an impact on the mobile market amongst other MVNO’s and well-established players.

There has been positive press coverage around how Sky Mobile benefits customers and has reshaped the market.

  • The smartphone feature you've been waiting for is FINALLY here – Daily Star
  • Sky TV has given you the best reason yet to cancel your mobile contract – Daily Express
  • Sky launch new mobile platform offering unlimited data rollover for up to THREE years – Daily Mirror
  • Sky to offer mobile network as customers ‘pay too much’ – The i newspaper Sky Mobile makes it easy for customers to upgrade to new handsets – uSwitch

In addition, various competitors have rolled out similar plans including flexibility and freedom that was introduced with Swap, Roll & Mix.


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