E.ON - Solar Collaboration with Gorillaz

Nominee Name:
Gavin Stokes

Nominee Position:
Head of Solar & Storage
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E.ON Solar PV and Storage combines the latest in solar PV with battery storage to enable people to use energy in their homes when they need it, even at night when the sun doesn’t shine. Other business provide the technology or the fitting, but it is rare for the combination to come from a trusted energy brand, across numerous European markets.

What was the in-market status quo before the proposition was created?

Lots of small installer or technology brands providing different elements. E.ON brings the confidence of an international energy company and makes the solution available to the mass market.

What challenges were you facing as a business?

Being known simply as a gas and electricity supplier meant we had to do something really different to get people attention to show we are now becoming an energy solutions brand.

What impact has the proposition had?

The main focus was brand perception shift, in addition to demonstrating the range of creative innovative solutions that are now part of the E.ON world. It also help customers to see solution around how they manage their energy needs and gives them more possibilities to manage energy their way.

What approach did you take when creating the new proposition?

The solution started with consumers needs to have the possibility to create both more sustainable energy for themselves and their families as well as more freedom to use energy their way. This supports out purpose to improve people’s lives.

What challenges did you overcome?

The campaign's main challenge was to refresh people’s perception of E.ON across its 7 key European markets so creating something that can allow people to be engaged and entertained in Romania, Hungary, Italy Sweden, Czech Republic as well as Germany and the UK was a challenge.

Thankfully working with Gorillaz, who are a band driven by sustainable issues and bought very much into a similar vision, was the easy bit.

What advice would you give to other corporate entrepreneurs?

Be brave, be true to your brand but most importantly have your customers at the heart of everything you do.

What was your project highlight?

Powering over 1,000 toys by the sun to dance through the night to “We’ve got the Power” by Gorillaz.

Who are your project heroes?

TEngine – our creative agency who gave us the great idea and help to bring the extraordinary to life!


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